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Capsule No. 8 —

Self-acceptance. Self-respect. Self-love. Self-control. Self-aware. Self-belief. Self-heal. Self-existence. Self-care. Self-pleasure.Self-portrait. Self-worth. Self-made. Self-expression. Self-minded. Self-image. Self-aware.

Self-fulfilment. Self-reflection. Self-reliant. Self-help. Self-existence. Self-assured. Self-regard. Self-esteem. Self-confidence. Self-appreciation. Self-importance. Self-indulgent. Self-reflect. Self-pleasing. Self-pride. Self-motivated. Self-sufficient. Self-respect.


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Grounded in underground subcultural movements, The Cult of Nine is an

expression of personal

influences, ideologies and

DIY punk beliefs; retaliating

against the ideals of mass

production and commercial



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